We have various departments within the teens church: Choir, Ushering, Prayer, Evangelism, Drama, Technical/media.

This is a direct reflection of what goes on in the adult church. The aim is to graduate them at the age of 20 to be a functional, disciplined and effective worker in the vineyard of the lord. All teenagers are encouraged to belong to at least one unit (department). And the units are headed by a teenager.

As part of the leadership training, we have a the following leadership positions in the teens church: The President, Vice President, Prayer Secretary, Music director, Head Usher and Evangelism Leader.
To ensure adequate participation we have various captivating and exciting in-house events and games such as: Brothers Sunday, Sisters Sunday, Bible Quizzes, Debates, Memorization of scriptures, Spelling Bee, Public Speaking, Etc.

Our Teenagers are opportune to attend the annual teens camp organized by the RCCG at the Provincial level. This is a 4-day program which affords them the opportunity to meet and interact with teenagers from other parishes within the province.


In addition to enlarging their social circle, they also get to learn and be inspired by their contemporaries.

During this camp out, several seminars are conducted where leadership training, career development, relationship building and their academics are discussed.

Furthermore, the teenagers get to acquire entrepreneurial skills, as quite a number of resource persons are available to train them in their areas of interest. In the process, mentorship, relationships are formed and fostered.

In addition, they get to participate in competitions in areas such as music, crafts, cooking and sports. The fashion parade happens to be one of the highlights of the camp and the teenagers look forward to this annual camp out.

We can't wait to have you join us. You'll surely find a friend here.