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Covenant Restoration Assembly

Erdington, Birmingham

Restoration Assembly as it was formally called started as a fellowship with 5 members in the year 2001 at Pastor Ranti Oyewale's house.

The fellowship became a full parish in 2002, and public services started in 2003 at a community centre in 2003 on Cregoe Street in Erdington, Birmingham.

The name was changed to Covenant Restoration Assembly in 2003, by the leading of the Holy Spirit.
The church moved to a building formally occupied by the St. Lukes Church.
The Church has given birth to 2 Parishes; RCCG CRA Kingstanding in April 2011 and RCCG CRA Sheldon in August 2015.

Our vision is becoming a biblically rooted & spiritually sensitive Church which means totally depending on the Holy Spirit to lead and to guide.

RCCG CRA Erdington is currently the zonal headquarters of the RCCG mission in the West Midlands and pastured by Pastor Rasaq Ibrahim.

The church started at Erdington Community Centre and after 6 months, we moved to Six Ways Baptist Church building on Wood End road, Erdington, Birmingham.

We are currently at 79 Orphanage Road B24 9HU Birmingham, UK which is also our permanent place of worship.

The Parish has been blessed with wonderful Board, Workers and Members who made the work easy and God has been on our side. We love and cherish you all. Our prayer is that God almighty will continue to keep them and bless them. Numbers 6:24-26.

The Church has given birth to 2 Parishes; RCCG CRA Kingstanding in April 2011 and RCCG CRA Sheldon in August 2015.

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At RCCG CRA Erdington, our aim is to ensure everyone that passes through our church is saved, trained to be a disciple of Jesus Christ & pragmatically living an exemplary Christ focused life that is centered on holiness, sanctification and righteousness in order to be transformed to the image of Christ.


What we do #1

Teach and preach the Gospel


What we do #2

Witness Christ


What we do #3

Build & develop relationship with God and each other


What we do #4

Focus on our members & family


What we do #5

Community engagement