Redeemers Men’s Fellowship


The men of the RCCG LIVING WATER PARISH organized under the auspices of the REDEEMER MEN'S FELLOWSHIP (RMF) formerly known as ‘Excellent Men’s fellowship’.

The group is actively in pursuit of connecting the men of the Church to the place in Christ where they are functioning in God's perfect will, uniting the men in the spirit of love where each man recognizes that he is his brother's keeper. The Men's Ministry is committed to serving our God by serving our families, our church, and our community

The Redeemer's Men Fellowship of LIVING WATER PARISH is a forum which comprises of all married men and fathers.
The Men’s Ministry develops our men in Christian living, to create positive impacts for the present and future generations.

We accomplish this mission, through Bible studies, discipleship classes, evangelism training, leadership development, accountability groups, mentoring, retreats, mission trips and other special events.


  • Monthly meetings on 2nd Sunday of the month.
    • Emergency meetings when necessary.
    • Periodic meeting of the executive members to review and deliberate on crucial issues.
    • Visitation to a member when a new baby is born. Prayers, Gifts and personal donations will be
    made during such visit.
    • In case of bereavement, the fellowship will attend the funeral with gifts and donations
    • Takes care of certain Church bills as and when instructed by the Pastor in-charge.
    • Follow up sick members and those that have been absent from Church for a while.
    • Once quarterly, will cook and eat together in the company of our wives in the Church premises.
    • Will Render support to active and committed members passing through serious financial
    challenges on a one-on-one basis with absolute confidentiality.
    • Celebrate birthday of very active and committed members in Church, especially and when funds
    are available.
    • Actively participates in programmes organised at the Provincial, Regional and National levels.

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