Good women ministry

The Good Women 

The Good Women Fellowship is for the married women in RCCG, which holds her prayer meetings on the First Saturday of the month from 7am -10am, and their General meetings on the 2nd Sunday of the month after Service. The Good Women Fellowship is divided into 2 groups for more prayer sessions, fellowshipping and easier/closer communications amongst her members. Besides, the Group Fellowship also handles issues concerning the visitation of members that put to bed during which gifts and individual donations are given. Also in cases of bereavement, the member is visited and supported with gifts and other freewill donations from members.

The Fellowship also have their thanksgiving annually titled Good women weekend, with events which spans from Friday to Sunday. The Good Women Fellowship also holds a special provincial monthly program "HOSSANNA NIGHT" at the Provincial headquarters (Kings Palace) every 3rd Wednesday of the month. We welcome you to our glorious fellowship